Emergency Preparedness and Community Care

Every mom remembers preparing for the new baby or the soon-to-be adopted child! Preparing is a mentality that God gave us. The past few years have brought weather-related emergencies and now with the baby formula shortage and inflation, we can think about how to no longer rely on various systems–supply/demand, trucking, grocery stores. We can be our own suppliers for our families and communities.

We’ve grown SO used to instant access: fast food, microwaves, bank card withdrawals…we are reliant upon these systems. Many of us grew up trusting in these systems.

But what if the systems break down?
What if access becomes limited?
Or the items we want to access become too expensive?

Whether you live in an apartment or are restricted by HOA guidelines, there are creative ways you can grow certain items for your family.

Work out a partnership with a neighbor or friend. Each pick 3-5 items to grow and share with one another.


Continued on Tina’s podcast or watch the video on “Emergency Preparedness and Community Care.”

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