Would you like practical advice
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Do you desire emotional healing and spiritual growth?

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What is a Spiritual Director? 

A spiritual director is a mentor who bridges your emotional wellness with your spiritual growth. She supports you in your journey toward shalom: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness.

As you will find in her books, Tina specializes in family dynamics, emotional maturity, spiritual warfare and generational issues.

Periodically, Tina  welcomes a few 1-on-1 clients for personalized ministry. 

“I am grateful for the mentorship and counseling I have received from Tina. When I first met her, I was drawn to the obvious intimacy that she has with God, and I wanted to know how to have that more for myself. She is someone with whom I’ve been able to be completely vulnerable with and she meets me with compassion, wisdom, grace, and truth. I know that I can trust her counsel because she is quick to seek Biblical wisdom and to listen to the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit. When I first started meeting with Tina, I had been deeply wounded and was in a place of bitterness and anger. She has patiently led me to experience Jesus in a way that has brought unbelievable healing, which has led to great freedom and joy.”

Betty Ashton

Work Shops

Tina is available for a 1 day workshop (5 hour max). Email tina@tinawebb.net for more information.


If you are interested in having Tina present any of these topics or tracks at your small group, bible study or women’s retreat, email tina@tinawebb.net

Participants will receive a free, signed copy of Culture Changers: Understand the Roots of Brokenness and Help Heal Your Family and Community


Track 1 – Sowing Truth, Battling Confusion has ended. Stay tuned for E-Course. – Navigate the current tide toward anti-Biblical thinking. Dig into the Word and study supplemental resources on topics like Critical Race Theory, law enforcement, justice, gender, prosperity, women’s roles in congregational leadership and more. 

Track 2 – The Court of Compassion – The external conflict we see in the world reflects people’s internal turmoil as well as the spiritual war around us. Tina will discuss how to impart vision and healing to the hurting, and ways to intercede for those around us with the love of God. Stay tuned for E-Course.

Track 3 – In Person – Get advice on how to help your kids discern and value God’s voice more than any other. Discover the spiritual gifts that God will use to help you bless your children and those around you. (Choose e-workbook (printable at home) or printed workbook). 



5 Videos - A Self-Paced or Group Study Opportunity

Topics span personal growth to raising kids to spiritual warfare.

Can be used for group bible study.

Insight to help you engage with God 

 “The video training series help moms grow spiritually, heal emotionally, and nurture their child’s formation more successfully.”


Video One -“Cultivating Our Hunger for God”

Will help your times of prayer, study, and quietness be refreshing, healing, and empowering.


Video Two – “Bridging Differences: Me and My Child”

How to engage and bond with our children when we experience everything from a personality clash to different opinions, ethnic differences from adoption and more.


Video Three – “Walking Through Hard Seasons”

Three Tips That Help You Keep Your Head Above Water When Life is Tough. When unexpected crises arise in the midst of raising kids, how can we persevere to get to the other side?


Video Four – “Understanding Spiritual Realities Part 1”

We are affected by the unseen world every day. God’s people often suffer because a lack of knowledge concerning the tactics of the devil against our personal lives and family destinies. Learn how to be your child’s first line of defense by understanding your spiritual authority.


Video Five – “Current Events in America Reveal What?”

Our families are caught in a web of divisiveness. Be empowered to resist the turmoil by understanding the roots and the reasons for this our present climate. Apply action steps to make a difference.


Parenting Webinar Recordings

Free Resources

Get several printable worksheets from CABL Personal Assessments and Prayer Resources Workbook.

Also availabe is the Cultivate A Better Life 3-Day Devotional.

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