About Me

Wife of Doug and mother of six, Tina has actively joined the ever increasing number of Black Americans who uphold the values of faith, individual freedom, father-led families, and speak out to inform people about the tyranny in our world. 

She’s calls this movement, “The Great Repair” and specifically addresses the unseen natural and spiritual forces behind current ideologies, social division, and geopolitical events.


Her limited social media presence serves as a connection point for like-minded individuals and as an opportunity to equip her followers with the information, vision, and perspective to withstand the “wiles of the devil” and live the abundant life discussed in John 10:10.

My husband Doug and I have six living children. We will meet two others in heaven. With a twenty year age gap from oldest to youngest, we’ve spent the last several years navigating being parents to adults while still raising young kids. 😮 It’s an adventure of love, humility, and trust in God. <3

I homeschooled for twenty years and loved it! Besides that full-time job, I’ve been an associate pastor, a worship ministry director, and director of a church prayer ministry. I served for two years on the board of our school’s parent association. In my spare time, (when I have it!) I love doing indoor and outdoor DIY projects, gardening, playing piano, and baking. I have facilitated small groups, mentored women, and provided prayer counseling for over twenty years.

In the last few years, I’ve started ghostwriting while working on my own material. As a writer, I support a curriculum team for 1776 Unites and to be a responsible steward of my locality, I’ve become active in supporting Conservative candidates in my area that adhere to the principles that I do.


Tina is a certified Apprentice Facilitator in Classic Trauma Healing through the American Bible Society. She and her husband were licensed and ordained for ministry in 2004.




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