For Parents

Precious, aren’t they? That picture of my youngest children was taken in 2016….summer time I think. Spontaneity and fun were in the air. The photographer’s finger captured a divine moment of glee.

It’s not bad that my experience as a mom is one of my main sources of inspiration is it? After all, we moms spend almost every waking hour doing something for our children, whether it’s carpooling, diaper changing or working to meet the family’s monthly budget.

Motherhood isn’t my identity however! I’ve counseled many young friends that just like a person shouldn’t use their job as an identity, neither should mothers lose 100% of themselves to this most wonderful and privileged work of love.  Before I’m a mother I have the blessing to be a wife. Before that I have the luxury of being a daughter of the King of the Universe.

Thanks to my early spiritual mentors, I’ve been trained to view the world through the lens of the Holy Scriptures. I remember how awestruck I was in my 3rd year of college when I began to realize that God truly has an opinion. About everything.

No matter what blog post beckons you, I hope that you leave this site nourished, tickled, taken aback from an “aha” moment, or strengthened to keep moving forward.

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