Digging Deep - Life Talk w/ Doug and Tina

Digging Deep Podcast features a weekly 30-35 min. episode for a general audience and a 14 min. episode The 14 Min. #Momlife Pause
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Topics will include: God’s Sovereignty and Our Responsibility, Faith, Healing, Prayer,  Race and God’s Purposes, Ethnicity and Injustice, Emotional Health, Biblical Prosperity, Parenting, The Psychological Effects of Poverty, Generational Trauma, Spiritual Warfare and Oppression,  Fighting for Your Future and so much more.

Doug and Tina met at University of Virginia. Both served in various ministerial capacities as lay ministers and then later as ordained ministers. They love spending time with their six children who range in age from 29 to 9.

Interview with Paul and Bettina Stevens, Founders of Reclaimed Hope Initiative, "Special Needs, Faith and Racial Sensitivity"
Reclaimed Hope Initiative
Interview with Sherri Cotten, Founder of Plan B - A Mother's Journey through Addiction and Recovery
Interview with Sherri - "Addiction, Recovery and a Parent's Surrender to the Journey"
"Racism - God Story Sunday" at City Church Charlottesville, panel
Parenting, Emotional Health and God - Tina interviews her husband, Doug.
photo of man leaning on wooden table
Cultivating the Souls of Parents Book Launch Q&A - Addressing the Issues of a Child's Heart
Cultivating the Souls of ParentsBook Launch Q&A - Teaching Teens who they are in Christ
Culture Changers Book - The Trailer
Why I Write What I Write