Special Needs, Faith, and Racial Sensitivity – A Story of Adoption

Paul and Bettina Stevens started when they were unable to find a support group. All of their kids have trauma backgrounds. As parents new to international adoption, they share about raising non-white children, the emotional roller coaster of being new parents, and the success of their organization.

Fatherhood, Emotional Health and God.

An interview with my husband, Doug Webb.

Q&A Book Launch

Launch Team Member wrote: I loved the section on why impatience is unfair to our kids. The questions you gave to help determine whether it was time for a consequence or if I need to better explain the ramifications of their actions were so helpful. I too have been learning the importance of addressing the issues of the heart behind the behavior. I would love some more examples of how you have navigated this.

Drugs and a Daughter’s Recovery

Sherry Cotton shares what she learned through by helping her daughter stay clean.

Q&A Book Launch

Reader asked: As someone who grew up in a legalistic environment, “self-love” and “self-acceptance” feel wrong because I was taught my identity is in my sinful nature, rather than in the gospel. (I’m just a sinner, saved by grace.”) Practically speaking, how do I overcome the barrier of legalism to accept my new identity as fully accepted and fully pleasing to the Lord?

Racism: God Story Sunday

Tina Webb and two other African American members of her church discuss how faith helped them deal with the reality of racism.

Q&A Book Launch

A Launch Team member asked: I would love some examples of ways to affirm the sonship of our adolescents. I have a son who hates to fail at anything and it feels so important to do what I can to teach him to have confidence in who he is in Christ.

Q&A Book Launch

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A reader asked: How do we balance being transparent in our emotions with our children without being emotionally needy? How do we function as a source of strength and security for them, but also remain approachable, where our children are aware of our humanity?

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