Setting Our Kids Up For A Great Education pt 2

Have you ever asked a friend how they want to be remembered most? Have you asked yourself this question? Is it loyalty or perseverance, a fun-filled life or a zeal for justice that describes the you that others experience? Usually sentiments like these outweigh facts like: how many books we read, how many degrees we received or how much money stayed in our bank accounts. When it comes to legacy, the eternal impact far outweighs accolades and economic success.

However, we spend so many years and so much money on the pursuit of professional accolades and economic success. Not that these items are bad, but perhaps we keep in mind what it most important.

My latest podcast episode, Setting Our Kids Up for A Great Education, emphasizes what is most important, how we can mentor our kids and even revamp our perspective of living where necessary.

I’m Tina Webb, wife, mom, former home educator, author and a spiritual director which is a fancy name for a professional mentor that includes a faith component to any advice given. Thanks for hopping on my blog!

Here is Part 2 of Setting Our Kids Up for A Great Education. If you are a Christian parent and want to help your children as they learn, in and out of school, keep these perspectives in mind!

My 2nd son, 4th child just received his Bachelor of Science. I’m so proud of him. After working a bit, he has plans to get a graduate degree. But what makes me happiest is that he wants his vocation to have eternal value–where God’s justice reaches everywhere. He doesn’t just want to work to make money and build personal influence.

After listening to Part 1 and Part 2, I’d love to read your comments!

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