Communicating With Your Teen Or Young Adult

“It’s time to stop telling, selling and yelling and it’s time to allow them to make a decision…”

We want what’s best for our teens and young adults, but there comes a time where we need to let go and let them navigate the myriad of decisions that face them these days.

I met Patti in St. Louis at the Christian Product Expo. We are both authors who have books to help parents navigate the sometimes gut-wrenching, but truly heart-warming drama of raising kids. Her book is a great weekend read for you moms who don’t have much time, but really want to figure out how to have healthier conversations and vibrant relationships with your teens and young adults. 

“if we don’t give them that space, there’s going to be consequences…they can feel the control…that doesn’t bear fruit that you want in your life”

Both Patti and I are now moms to young adults. It’s a new type of “being there for them”. In this interview Patti gives great practical tips, references content from her book, and shares personal examples of how she  learned how to trust God as she “let them go”.

“we are raising them up to be independent–dependant upon God, but independent individuals”

Patti has received training and certification in Conversational Intelligence®️ and is a certified C-IQ coach.

Patti’s aspiration for FACE TO FACE: SMART CONVERSATIONS WITH YOURSELF, YOUR TEENAGER, AND YOUR YOUNG ADULT is to create an opportunity for parents to be intentional and courageous through conversation to discover the God-given greatness within each of their children. As a result, a relationship that is enduring, sustaining, and life-giving will emerge.

Patti and her husband Frank of the Frank, Starlene, and Hudson morning show (KLTY radio 94.9) reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have been married for almost 30 years.

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