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Tina's is a sage voice. Every time I've spent time with her, I have left wanting more of God. She's lived through the hills and the valleys with the Lord and is a gift to the body of Christ to,
now, share what she's learned there with us!
Sara Hagerty
Tina Webb, Mentor and Author

Cultivate ABetter Life Mentoring Programs

I am so grateful for the mentorship and counseling I have received from Tina. When I first met her, I was drawn to the obvious intimacy that she had with God and I wanted to know how to have that more for myself. When I first started meeting with Tina, I had been deeply wounded and was in a palce of bitterness and anger. She has patiently led me to experience Jesus in a way that has brought unbelievable healing, which has led to great freedom and joy. She is someone with whom I’ve been able to be completely vulnerable and she meets me with compassion, wisdom, grace and truth. I know that I can trust her counsel because she is quick to seek Biblical wisdom and to listen to the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit.

Betty A.

“Tina has been a wonderful source of wisdom and encouragement to me as a fellow mom, and especially as a woman who has walked a couple of parenting season ahead of where I am currently. She listens well, directs towards the truth of God’s word, and communicates in a way that leads you to think deeply, yet feel welcomed and validated! Thankful for her!
– Katherine

“Tina is a wise spirit-driven leader who speaks truth into souls. Her
extensive experience in inner healing ministry has blessed me and the small group I belong to. I highly recommend working with Tina (as well
as reading her thoughtful books)!”

Tina is a natural leader and an encourager.  She finds a way to make others comfortable sharing with her by the way she really listens.   Her responses to what others share are encouraging and reflective.  In all of her conversations during online group meetings, she points the group to the Lord, His Word, and His purpose for us.  – Beth

Culture Changers Book

“For almost twenty years in lay ministry, Tina offered biblical insight to individuals in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and generational healing. She believes that God not only wants to save individual souls but establish godly lineages. Families are the building block of society. In considering how to achieve societal reformation, Tina explains how we must attend to the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of our humanity. This book is an excellent resource for those who want to make a difference in their spheres of influence.”

Stephen McDowell, Author of Monumental – Restoring America as the Land of Liberty Study Guide President of Providence Foundation,


Millions of people want a nation that offers equality and healing between races, generations, and socioeconomic classes. The climate of present-day America presents anger and fear instead of hope. From hashtag movements to substance abuse increase, the media and statistics reveal that people are hurting.

Culture Changers pivots readers into a life of intentional partnership with God in healing the broken-hearted and repairing relational and systemic breaches.

If one by one we counted people out For the least sin, it wouldn’t take us long To get so we had no one left to live with. For to be social is to be forgiving. Robert Frost – “The Star Splitter”


About Me

My husband Doug and I have six living children. We will meet two others in heaven. With a twenty year age gap from oldest to youngest, we’ve spent the last several years navigating being parents to adults while still raising young kids. 😮 It’s an adventure of love, humility, and trust in God. <3

I homeschooled for twenty years and loved it! Besides that full-time job, I’ve been an associate pastor, a worship ministry director, and director of a church prayer ministry. I served for two years on the board of our school’s parent association. In my spare time, (when I have it!) I love doing indoor and outdoor DIY projects, gardening, playing piano, and baking. I have facilitated small groups, mentored women, and provided prayer counseling for over twenty years.

Tina is a certified Apprentice Facilitator in Classic Trauma Healing through the American Bible Society. She and her husband were licensed and ordained for ministry in 2004.

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