Fighting for the Freedom of Families and Communities

2 Corinthians 3:17



Often, insecurities, the overwhelm of daily life, and inherited behaviors lie firmly rooted in the soil of our souls. These unaddressed issues extend from each person to the world around them.




Visit your local bookstore help desk to order Culture Changers or Cultivating the Souls of Parents, or purchase online. Justice Reframed and the Cultivating the Souls of Parents Study Guide are only available on Amazon.

Ebooks, audiobooks,  printable workbooks and study guides are available through Tina’s digital store.

Through her books and mentoring opportunities, Tina Webb gives individuals the grace and direction to launch a trajectory that is life-giving for themselves and those in their circles.











What is a Spiritual Director? 

A spiritual director is a mentor who bridges your emotional wellness with your spiritual growth. She supports you in your journey toward shalom: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness.

Tina leads online small groups for moms and welcomes a few 1-on-1 clients for personalized ministry. 



Spiritual and emotional health is as important as your physical health, in fact studies have shown that our spiritual and emotional wellbeing impacts our bodies.For over 20 years, Tina Webb has helped individuals find spiritual and emotional healing and freedom. An ordained and licensed minister, she has facilitated small groups for moms who desire to gain Scripture-based insight, practical advice, and focused prayer to help their families receive the good that God has for them.  

Families are the building blocks of our communities. Season parenting webinars and small groups for moms will empower you to take steps to cultivate a mature, life-giving, faith-centered family environment.

Community – God is looking for those that will partner with Him to mend hearts. Many of us have overcome adverse circumstances. Sharing our stories, extending our hands and hearts to others will bring impact. Moved with compassion, grace and a scripture-based worldview is how we can bring societal structures into alignment with God’s intent so that people can realize their fullest potential. This is the life of a culture changer.


Digging Deep Podcast – Life Talk w/ Doug and Tina features a weekly 30-35 min. episode for a general audience and a periodic 14 min. episode The 14 Min. #Momlife Pause
Book information: tinawebb.net/books
Doug’s website: myfatherscrown.com

Topics will include: God’s Sovereignty and Our Responsibility, Faith, Healing, Prayer,  Race and God’s Purposes, Ethnicity and Injustice, Emotional Health, Biblical Prosperity, Parenting, The Psychological Effects of Poverty, Generational Trauma, Spiritual Warfare and Oppression,  Fighting for Your Future and so much more.

"Tina's is a sage voice. Every time I've spent time with her, I have left wanting more of God. She has lived through the hills and through the valleys with the Lord and is a gift to the body of Christ to, now, share what she's learned there with us!"