Silencing the Inner Critic - Small Group Reflection

Tina discusses the verse “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”, and share that our interaction with others often reflect the hidden wounds and unspoken criticism that we carry in our souls. 

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Reflecting On Our Virtuous God – Equipping Moms Small Group
How much of God have you known in your life? Has He been faithful? good? patient? We usually use the fruit of the Spirit as a measure or goal for ourselves. Let’s examine them as virtues of God that we experience throughout our lives. However, sometimes we discover that while we know God is faithful (because the Bible tells us so), our subconscious voice has a fear of Him being faithful or kind or good. Why is this?

“Modeling Devotion at Home” – Equipping Moms Small Group
Undivided devotion to God comes from a lifechanging encounter with Jesus and is fueled by vulnerability and intentionality. Tina Webb mentors moms in spiritual growth and emotional healing through Cultivate A Better Life Mentoring Programs. For more info: 

14 min excerpt of session 1 at the CABL Seasonal Parenting Webinar held July 10, 2021 Complete recording available for streaming  here: 3 SESSIONS What To Do With Anger (1 hr) Disappointment, Grief and Bad Behavior (1 hr) David: A Biblical Display of Vulnerability (1 hr)

2 Cor 10:5 needs to be on the forefront of our minds as we deal with new ideas, theories, and curriculum for our kids. Recorded for Changing the Tide Small Group – Track 1 Sowing Truth, Battling Confusion  for moms Fall 2021
Track 2 “The Court of Compassion” and Track 3 “A Fruitful Vine” sign up here.

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In this video, Tina walks you through a healing and calming technique she has developed based on Psalm 46:10 and other research. Learn how to be aware of your emotional, spiritual, and mental state and allow the Holy Spirit to restore your soul.