Cultivating the Souls of Parents

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I’m thankful for these voices–moms and dads who share my vision to foster a healthy family that is passionate about Jesus.

Tina’s is a sage voice. Every time I’ve spent time with her, I have left wanting more of God. She’s lived through the hills and the valleys with the Lord and is a gift to the body of Christ to, now, share what she’s learned there with us! – Sara Hagerty, Author, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet and Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to be Noticed

Tina is the mother of six amazing children and has been a tremendous inspiration to my wife and me in our parenting journey. Cultivating the Souls of Parents offers a comprehensive roadmap to the secret treasure buried in all of parenting: the opportunity for unparalleled personal growth and transformation.Rev. Dean Nelson, National Outreach Director
Human Coalition Action

I‘ve had great questions from readers. Here are videos where I answer questions and discuss topics related to parenting and emotional wholeness.

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A reader asked: How do we balance being transparent in our emotions with our children without being emotionally needy? How do we function as a source of strength and security for them, but also remain approachable, where our children are aware of our humanity?
Question asked: As someone who grew up in a legalistic environment, “self-love” and “self-acceptance” feel wrong because I was taught my identity is in my sinful nature, rather than in the gospel. (I’m just a sinner, saved by grace.”) Practically speaking, how do I overcome the barrier of legalism to accept my new identity as fully accepted and fully pleasing to the Lord?
Launch Team Member wrote: I loved the section on why impatience is unfair to our kids. The questions you gave to help determine whether it was time for a consequence or if I need to better explain the ramifications of their actions were so helpful. I too have been learning the importance of addressing the issues of the heart behind the behavior. I would love some more examples of how you have navigated this.
A Launch Team member asked: I would love some examples of ways to affirm the sonship of our adolescents. I have a son who hates to fail at anything and it feels so important to do what I can to teach him to have confidence in who he is in Christ.

Tina Webb is a deeply spiritual, committed parent whose lens on faith and family challenges and inspires. All Christian parents need the kind of guidance, reassurance, and conviction she offers in Cultivating the Souls of Parents. Mary Butler Coleman, Executive Director, City of Promise

Cultivating the Souls of Parents is a blessing to read. Tina Webb writes with wisdom and grace every parent needs, speaking right to the heart with words of life and light. The call to cultivate our own hearts as parents so we can faithfully tend to our children is right on. Sixteen years in ministry to adolescents and their families brought me back to this truth again and again. Raising children is no quick trip around the block, but a long and challenging journey, and our children deserve our very best.  Thanks to God, we can be immeasurably more, according to His power at work within us. Tina faithfully calls us back to the source of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control so we can be all God desires for us to be. To God be the growth and the glory!― Keith Rogers, Life Groups and Growth Pastor, City Church

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