About Me

I am a Journey Teller
From desert sands to mountain peaks,
imaginary worlds to life’s realities,
I record to remember.
I reflect to discover
where the Divine intersects my world.

I grew up the oldest of four kids. . My husband Doug and I have six living children. Two others we will meet in heaven. With a twenty year age gap from oldest to youngest, we’ve spent the last several years navigating being parents to adults while still raising young kids. 😮 What an adventure of love, humility, and trust in God. 🙂 ❤

I homeschooled for twenty years and loved it! Besides that full-time job, I’ve been an associate pastor, a worship director, and director of a church prayer ministry. I served for two years on the board of our school’s parent association. Currently I spend my days writing, doing lay ministry, and being a wife, mom, and friend. My hobbies are indoor and outdoor DIY projects, music and cooking.

If you look over my website, you find out quickly that my identity in Christ is most important to me. It is the lens from which I view my experiences and the life that God has designed for me and my family.  

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