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2012 069After many twists and turns, I’m now satisfied with the direction of the book. So many great parenting books exist out there.  I don’t need to write one. However, what does compel me is to write about for parents, about their own journey in becoming….

This book may be named ” The Journey of God in the Souls of Parents” but I’m toying with some other titles before I commit.  Parents, caregivers, and even childcare workers will laugh and even wince as they read about this journey that is difficult, but breathtaking. As our children grow, we face the challenge of surrender to our own process of maturity. The biblical Fruit of the Spirit in the Book of Galatians 
calls out to us to let the process of raising kids prune and ripen our lives.  

Raising children helps us to discover that parenting involves a whole lot of digging, not just through piles of dirty socks, but through layers of insecurities and heart issues that both we and our children have. Heavenly applause awaits the man or woman who decides to become a better parent and a better person by tackling the unseen world of the human heart instead of merely molding outward behavior through rules and “shoulds”. It takes courage and humility to look at our young child’s behavior and realize that they are merely imitating us. We cannot expect them to change if we are not willing to change also.

11082555_974689282542056_454154755178314157_nI started thinking about this book several years ago. Here is a journal entry from 2015. 

Well, I’m finally here. Deciding to risk time, energy, emotion and who knows how many other things in order to write a book that I’m a bit timid about writing right now.
Child-rearing is fruitful although most parents find that the ripening takes years to happen. Personal growth on the other hand, produces fruit as long as a person remains open to the necessary pruning and grafting that life in God brings.
Writing this book will highlight my pruning and grafting as a parent. Oh dear.
So at this point, I’ve decided to let this adventure be personal, albeit somewhat difficult and quite thought-provoking. I’m not going to write a book about child-rearing per se. I’ll leave this somewhat controversial subject for the so-called experts.
This book will encourage parents to inspect their inner world–the root of every reaction and the promise of every hope, offer it to their Creator who can gently mold it to be more beautiful that they can imagine.

PROJECT  – Series in Progress

ReaderDPP_0134s of my first book, Abba’s Lament, a speculative fiction account of the biblical advent of sin and evil, know that I love aspects of science fiction. As a young adult I read a little bit of Arthur Clarke, but then got bitten by the Robert Ludlum-Frederick Forsythe bug. However, as a fiction writer I find myself drawn to the setting of space, its mystery and its wooing of the imagination.

I’m working on an outline for an older juvenile/young adult series whose theme is “belonging”. The main characters are abandoned children and the setting is a universe with many planets and many suns. Lovers of Christian allegory will find reference to a benevolent creator of all worlds and all beings, including Earth and humans, as well as beings that maneuver situations to bring about the ultimate good for the main characters.

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