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Often, the emotions of anger, disappointment, and grief sit in the background, unwanted and unprocessed.

Most parents don’t know how to help their kids understand what to do with these emotions, because we don’t know what to do with them either.

Get unlimited video streaming of Navigating Emotion in Family Life
(3 sessions = 3 hrs) 

Session 1 - What to Do With Anger

Session 2 - Disappointment, Grief and Bad Behavior

Session 3 - David: A Display of Biblical Vulnerability

Free Gift! CABL Personal and Family Assessments and Prayer Resources

Are you feeling burnt out, 
like the pace
of family life isn't restful?

Do you wonder how your child 
is adjusting to change?

Would you like to develop 
a family action
plan of reasonable goals?

Work through these assessments
and exercises to help you
and your family.

Download this printable workbook
free as a bonus gift


Are you trying to
love your family well,
finish your daily tasks,
 maintain your wellbeing
and grow in your faith?

Get the "Foundations" Video Series for $19.99 (summer discount) and learn what you can do each day to help 
you and your family.

Are you overwhelmed?

Dealing with relational tension?

 Longing for joy and encouragement to get you through each day?

Better days are a choice away.

and a Free Signed Paperback
Cultivating the Souls of Parents

God often seems distant in the day to day rigors of raising kids. But He is with us, whispering to our hearts, 
"I know it's hard but I am with you. 
I see you are trying and I am your guide! You made a mistake and I forgive you! I love you and I'm cheering you forward!"

"Learning how to build a healthy family can take years. Inevitably as parents, we face family stress, societal pressures, and even issues from our own upbringing. The good news is that we can overcome personal and generational hurdles by the power of His Spirit, who is our loving and gentle counselor." 

- Author and Mom Mentor Tina Webb, mom of six
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In The Video Learn How To:

Resolve anger in your family life.

Help your children deal with change, disappointment 
and loss? (especially the changes we have faced in the last 18 months!)

Model vulnerability for your children and let them understand Christ' unconditional love.

"Loved all the practical examples. We both especially loved the beginning where you spoke about how to "referee" an argument between siblings. Also recognizing the sacrifice as a parent to lay down your own desires to pursue child's heart health/long term character growth."
- Webinar attendees


Download individual* assessments from the NEW CABL Personal and Family Assessments and Prayers Resources Workbook. 

*Several assessment in the workbook are here for immediate download. To get all of the assessments in the workbook, get my bonus gift or order on Amazon.

Cultivating the Souls of Parents

Facing Our Brokenness; Embracing His Likeness
is not just another "how to" parent book....

This book gives you permission to bring every mistake, every question and every challenge to God – the Potter who gently tends to your heart. Raising kids is hard, and Tina’s stories will help you learn how to let the rigors of parenting be an opportunity for personal growth. The fruit of the Spirit are virtues that GOD develops over time. Being a mom is not about goals, it’s about process -- the journey. So relax and hear Him cheer you on as you move forward. 

“Tina Webb is a deeply spiritual, committed parent whose 
lens on faith and family challenges and inspires. 
All Christian parents need the kind of guidance, reassurance, 
and conviction she offers in Cultivating the Souls of Parents.

 - Mary Butler Coleman

In Cultivating the Souls of Parents... You'll Learn 
  • Ways to handle the attitudes and emotions that erupt throughout the day (in you AND your kids!)
  • ​How to help your child learn that God is patient with them.
  • ​God still loves and accepts you despite your imperfections.
  • ​​​Perspectives that help the fruit of the Spirit prosper when life gets tough. 
  • ​How to pray, grieve and find healing from your past wounds. 
  • ​​​Discover how to discern God’s whispers as He helps you raise your kids...and much more!  
CABL Mentoring, Mom Groups
& Seasonal Parenting Webinars
Tina leads short-term online small groups like "Changing the Tide"
as well as ongoing mentoring opportunities for moms.
The seasonal parenting seminars with Tina and her husband, Doug, feature family-focused topics like: The Heart of Discipline, Healthy Communication, Spiritual Warfare and Generational Curses, Challenges of Contemporary Issues, Establishing a Lineage of Jesus-Lovers
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Tina Webb
Cultivate A Better Life 
Cultivate A Better Life 3 - Day Devotional
Learn a simple format to meditate on and 
apply God's word to your day
Teach this format to your kids as they begin their faith journey.
The content of the devotional can be reviewed each month.
Each day has a passage that will tend to your emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.
This devotional was created for Cultivate Mentoring Program participants, but you can receive it when you download the free eBook.
This is a Limited Bonus
During this FREE eBook Promotion 

The $1.99 fee helps me cover processing, content hosting, and admin fees for this free eBook. 

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Enjoy the eBook and the 
3-Day Devotional Bonus

Cultivating the Souls of Parents takes you on a journey through moments in my life, when God shaped me through tough but valuable lessons so that I could be a better mom AND a better child of God. You will get scriptural-insight, a prayer and reflection questions so that you can process ALL that God is doing for you while reading this book. 

I Can Only Offer The eBook Free For A Limited Time...

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