Culture Changers


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Tina Webb received her B.A in English from the University of Virginia and was ordained and licensed for ministry in 2004. She is currently a certified Trauma Healing Facilitator for Classic Trauma Healing with the American Bible Association. Tina has directed church prayer teams as well as ministered to hurting people on their journey of healing. She has been able to reach through cultural barriers to minister to people of different races and ages. Tina is the author of Cultivating the Souls of Parents and Justice Reframed, How the Cross Confronts our Pursuit of Justice.

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“As I grieved and processed death and life, broken relationships, and societal chaos, I ended up crying out to God for peace amid so many storms, so many questions, and not enough answers.” 

Like the author, many of us are just regular people living our lives, daily impacted by personal pain and societal brokenness. Culture Changers cites reasons for personal and corporate stressors and offers practical and spiritual solutions to help individuals resolve challenges in their social circles and deliver constructive changes to their spheres of influence.

Issues like addiction, fear, and economic hardship can keep entire families in bondage. Tina Webb shares that when we embrace a lifestyle geared toward spiritual, emotional, and relational health, we will have the tools we need to walk alongside people as they break free from the circumstances that obstruct abundant life.

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