Cultivating the Souls of Parents Audiobook


Raising a child helps us discover that the journey involves a whole lot of digging, not just through piles of mismatched socks but also layers of our own insecurities and heart issues.  Discover God’s encouragement through the daily challenges.
The audiobook is read by Tina herself and includes extra material.


Raising kids is hard, and Tina’s stories will help you learn how to let the rigors of parenting be an opportunity for personal growth. The fruit of the Spirit are virtues that GOD develops over time. Being a mom is not about goals, it’s about process — the journey. So relax and hear Him cheer you on as you move forward. This book gives you permission to bring every mistake, every question and every challenge to God – the Potter who gently tends to your heart.

In Cultivating the Souls of Parents… You’ll Learn 
  • Ways to handle the attitudes and emotions that erupt throughout the day (in you AND your kids!)
  • ​How to help your child learn that God is patient with them.
  • ​God still loves and accepts you despite your imperfections.
  • ​​​Perspectives that help the fruit of the Spirit prosper when life gets tough.
  • ​How to pray, grieve and find healing from your past wounds.
  • ​​​Discover how to discern God’s whispers as He helps you raise your kids…and much more!


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