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2022 Newsletter #2


Welcome to Spring 2022!

kids’ sports
Russia and Ukraine
winding up the school year
the Disney debacle
hard conversations with kids
potty-training toddlers

Life can feel like a non-stop merry-go-round, right? But still we keep moving forward, thanks to God!

(This update will be brief.) 

My life is still full of ghostwriting, curriculum creation for 1776 Unites, 1-on-1 mom mentoring and leading small groups, content creation, AAU basketball, track meets…you know. Doug and I have not recorded a podcast lately while our minor home renovation is happening (we are relocating our laundry room to be closer to our bedroom), but once the construction noise ends, we will be back on the microphone.

I’ve also been “in class” – learning from various ministries to expand my knowledge base on critical inner-healing needs: 

– deliverance and emotional recovery for ritual abuse victims and those coming out of occult experiences
– breaking generational yokes to the kingdom of darkness including Freemasonic lineages

Yes, heavy stuff but very timely for the world right now. This knowledge has helped me walk alongside a few women who have overcome evil and trauma and desire for their families to thrive!

If you haven’t listened to the podcast I have with my husband, Doug, I encourage you to listen.
New in 2022 Ep 1 “2022 May Be Uncomfortable, But…”


 Upcoming E-Courses

I had a great time leading a virtual small group last Fall and then an in-person small group in March/April for my Changing the Tide Small Group series.  Over the summer, the content will become an e-course.


3rd Annual Spring Cultivating Moms Small Group


TOPIC: When the Church Fails Us

Many of you have negative experiences from a congregation whose culture wounded rather than nourished. Others of you encountered the emotional immaturity or spiritual error of a church leader. Lastly, all of us have been wounded when our brothers and sisters partner with the “accuser of the brethren”, pointing their finger at our weaknesses in judgment. 

This small group will focus on getting closure from past wounds and how to trust again.

The annual virtual Cultivating Mom Group is on hold. For now, I’m shifting to an in-person format. (I will post some videos on my Youtube channel related to this topic.) I’d love to come facilitate your bible study or speak on this topic at your women’s retreat.  Email admin@cultivateabetterlife.org

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