My Inner Muse


The Question 

What will it be? This is the question.
To be or not to be
To die or not to die
Past, present, future–
The earth keeps on spinning, spinning, spinning
Tomorrow never stops coming.
What will America be like?
That is the question.

Socialism or Republic?
Sodom or The Kingdom?
Under God or above the law?
What will it be America?
That is the question.

The New Age deal or Compassionate Conservatisim
Left, Right, Dollar, Euro;
Heaven, Hell, Legalism, Licentiousness
A false balance is an abomination
Tolerance is a lie leading to damnation.

What is the world is going on?
It seems everything is going wrong.
The Church is being exiled,
Guns are being stockpiled.
Lay offs, pay offs,
is democracy still in question?

“America, America, God shed His grace on thee.”


Cacophony within.

Double-mindedness dictates.
The gulf between heart and mind widens.

Oh! help me grab hold of these mental entrapments 
that keep me bound—
A volleyball in my own court.

What can I find to short-circuit the dendrites?
What can I find to deaden my heartbeat?

This and that..
But after temporary rapture
I fall back into my hell.

Someone bring me a melody.
Make my life harmonize with My Father’s will.
Help me kiss the Son.

Potentate, chase down my run-away mind.
Beloved, revoke my wandering heart.

Purge them before a throne of wood.

Extraterrestrial Yearning


Wafting across my body, Peace
Makes me lay still.
Every atom syncing with holy vibrations
Dissonance floats away with the breeze.

I see my hand
Extend beyond my Self
Fingers outstretched to grab
The Unseen.

If I could only peel off this mortal flesh
The eternal me could inhale,
Fill my lungs to overflowing
Then be buoyed into the wind.
I’d soar. I’d roam.
I’d be tossed.
Thank you flesh
For chaining me to earthly limitations.
When I yearn for Heaven.


Line in the Sand

Will justice prevail
and righteousness ring?
Will light dispel darkness;
His glory cover seas?

These are not questions 
but statements in disguise.
The earth’s future was written
in a chapter called The End Times.
The question is when or 
How long must we wait?
How long will we moan;
groan and complain?
We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus
Who overcame the world.
Showed us the door and gave us
the Keys.

In truth, the choice is ours
The is no debate.
Will we speak? Will we pray?
See the storms and crawl away?
Are we salt? Are we light? 
Or will our dried bones turn to dust
in the night?

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

A Morning in the Life of

My head pounds.
Punched by sleeplessness,

On call thru the night. 
Blasted nightly terrors

“get behind me and mine!”

Dawn scoffs.
I rise.
The sun cries “Greet Me!”
The blue sky calls “Love Me!”
My body cries “Caffeine!”


Rejoicing is an act of the will
Despite whatever circumstances.
We can redirect our self-talk to acknowledge the “little” things with gratitude and life’s undesirables with peace
because one day, 
I tell you,
Light will overcome darkness, and Love will stomp out hate.
This is the declaration of the Cross.