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Would you like practical advice
to help you raise your kids?

Do you desire emotional healing and spiritual growth?

Do you enjoy learning with other moms in a small group environment?

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Learn how to guide your children and teens toward a Biblical worldview AND
how to show Christ's love, impart Biblical truth and pray for your neighbors and communities.

Participants will receive a signed copy of Culture Changers: Understand the Roots of Brokenness
and Help Heal Your Family and Community

First online sessions for Track 1 begins week of September 13 (Choose a 1 hr session)

Registration Open for "Changing the Tide" - Track 1: Sowing Truth, Battling Confusion 

Track 1 - Sowing Truth, Battling Confusion ($97) - Delve into contemporary topics to find God's perspective, see the impact of current narratives and modern paradigms and pray for our kids, neighbors, and community. Look at historical and generational roots of personal and societal issues we face today. (Fee includes resource guide and book).

Track 2 - The Court of Compassion ($37)The external conflict we see in the world reflects people's internal turmoil as well as the spiritual war around us. Tina will discuss how to impart vision and healing to the hurting, and ways to intercede for those around us with the love of God. (Fee includes workbook).

Track 3 - A Fruitful Vine ($37) - Get advice on how to help your kids discern and value God's voice more than any other. Discover the spiritual gifts that God will use to help you bless your children and those around you. (Fee includes workbook).

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To get 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Tina


This program gives members automatic assess to every small group series, parenting webinar including the Cultivating Spring Mom Group. Through their membership portal, moms have access to Tina's "Foundations" video series as well as saved recordings from previous sessions. Members will get a 1-on-1 session each month with Tina for 60 minutes. Sessions can include prayer ministry. Occasionally, members will be invited to a monthly group session
for only EQUIPPING MOMS members (details below).
 This is an opportunity for ongoing mentoring. Limited spots.

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I want a spot in the EQUIPPING MOMS Mentoring Program! 

EQUIPPING MOMS  members receive...

  • Automatic access to every mentoring series (e.g. Changing the Tide), seasonal parenting webinars and Spring Mom Groups*
  • Access to Tina's "Foundations" Video Series, saved recordings, and supplemental resources.
  • ​A 1-on-1 session with Tina each month they remain in the program. Tailored mentoring to fit their specific needs. Includes prayer ministry (by request).
  • ​Occasional group sessions with other members.**

*One guest gets to join parenting webinar or Spring Mom Group at no charge.

**Fall 2021 will have 2 group sessions. (Oct, Nov) Members will get Tina's new Cultivate A Better Life Assessments Guide, share what they have learned through the guide and get encouragement from fellow members. 

Tina provides ongoing whole life support & gives
you resources for additional growth.

 Group sessions provide camaraderie
 and additional insight.

Get access to a variety of topics that will
nurture you emotionally and spiritually
 as you raise your children.

"I am grateful for the mentorship and counseling I have received from Tina. When I first met her, I was drawn to the obvious intimacy that she has with God, and I wanted to know how to have that more for myself. She is someone with whom I've been able to be completely vulnerable with and she meets me with compassion, wisdom, grace, and truth. I know that I can trust her counsel because she is quick to seek Biblical wisdom and to listen to the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit. When I first started meeting with Tina, I had been deeply wounded and was in a place of bitterness and anger. She has patiently led me to experience Jesus in a way that has brought unbelievable healing, which has led to great freedom and joy."
Betty Ashton
"Tina is a wise spirit-driven leader who speaks truth into souls. Her extensive experience in inner healing ministry has blessed me and the small group I belong to. I highly recommend working with Tina (as well as reading her thoughtful books)!"
"Tina has been a wonderful source of wisdom and encouragement to me as a fellow mom, and especially as a woman who has walked a couple of parenting season ahead of where I am currently. She listens well, directs towards the truth of God’s word, and communicates in a way that leads you to think deeply, yet feel welcomed and validated! Thankful for her!"


“Tina is a natural leader and an encourager. She finds a way to make others comfortable sharing with her by the way she really listens. Her responses to what others share are encouraging and reflective. In all of her conversations during group meetings, she points the group to the Lord, His Word, and His purpose for us.” 


For over 20 years, Tina Webb has helped individuals find spiritual and emotional healing and freedom. Ordained and licensed for ministry in 2004, she has facilitated small groups for moms who desire to gain Scripture-based insight, practical advice, and focused prayer to help their families receive the good that God has for them.  The author of three books, Tina homeschooled for 20 years. Tina and her husband, Doug have six children.


"Foundations" Mentoring 

5-Part Series - A Self-Paced or Group Study Opportunity

Topics that release hope, wisdom, and understanding to your life as a parent and establish a biblical foundation for your family.

Topics span personal growth to raising kids to spiritual warfare.

Can be used for 
group bible study.

Insight to help you 
engage with God
 "The video training series help moms grow spiritually,
heal emotionally, and nurture their child’s formation more successfully.”

"Foundations" Video Series has
4+ Hours to watch at your pace

Video One -"Cultivating Our Hunger for God"
Will help your times of prayer, study, and quietness be refreshing, healing, and empowering.

Video Two - "Bridging Differences: Me and My Child"
How to engage and bond with our children when we experience everything from a personality clash to different opinions, ethnic differences from adoption and more.

Video Three - "Walking Through Hard Seasons"
Three Tips That Help You Keep Your Head Above Water When Life is Tough. When unexpected crises arise in the midst of raising kids, how can we persevere to get to the other side?

Video Four - "Understanding Spiritual Realities Part 1"
We are affected by the unseen world every day. God's people often suffer because a lack of knowledge concerning the tactics of the devil against our personal lives and family destinies. Learn how to be your child's first line of defense by understanding your spiritual authority.

Video Five - "Current Events in America Reveal What?"
Our families are caught in a web of divisiveness. Be empowered to resist the turmoil by understanding the roots and the reasons for this our present climate. Apply action steps to make a difference.
Get a Signed Paperback

Tina's book, Culture Changers pivots readers into a life of intentional partnership with God in healing the broken-hearted and repairing relational and systemic breaches.


"There are a lot of books trending that have to do injustice that I have been reading. I have found that few offer either a) a real look at the roots of the problem or b) personal steps that we can take to be part of the solution. Culture Changers provides both and is a gem for doing so! The roots are fascinating, and Tina Webb is masterful at bringing together complex topics both theological (sin, brokenness, theodicy) and social-scientific (epigenetics, trauma) to show how they influence our cultural brokenness, and how we can be part of changing that culture. The best part may be towards the end of the book, where real ideas for being a Culture Changer are presented that involve our selves, our families, our churches, and our communities, ideas that grow out of the analysis presented earlier in the book and that are truly actionable, not just vague slogans. I strongly recommend this book!" 

In Culture Changers, Tina Webb takes bold steps in initiating an honest, faith-based discussion of delicate, race-related subjects. Where others fear to tread, Tina enters headlong.Where others have fallen short, Tina excels in providing a path to true healing for broken individuals."
- Rob Schilling, Host and Producer of The Schilling Show,
News Radio 98.9 and AM 1070 WINA

"I have known Tina since college, and she has always had a gift to bridge the gap between people of different races, socioeconomic classes, faiths, and world views. She rightly recognizes that all of us long to be reconciled to our Creator and to one another. 
Culture Changers offers a holistic vision for how each of us can be part of that process."
- Rev. Dean Nelson, National Outreach Director for the Human Coalition Action

"If there has ever been a time in history in which people with wisdom, insight and courage must rise to become culture changers, it is now. Tina not only possesses these very attributes, but she has utilized all of her amazing talent and experience to create this resource to improve ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. This book is a must-read for people desiring to effect positive change in our culture using godly principles."
- Cynthia Murray, Divine Women of Destiny Ministries International Founder/Executive Director, Author and Speaker

"For almost twenty years in lay ministry, Tina offered biblical insight to individuals in the areas of spiritual, emotional, and generational healing. She believes that God not only wants to save individual souls but establish godly lineages. Families are the building block of society. In considering how to achieve societal reformation, Tina explains how we must attend to the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of our humanity. This book is an excellent resource for those who want to make a difference in their spheres of influence."
- Stephen McDowell, President of the Providence Foundation, Author of Monumental - Restoring America as the Land of Liberty Study Guide



Watch 14 min Excerpt from Summer 2021 Webinar "Navigating Emotion in Family Life"
Often, the emotions of anger, disappointment, and grief sit in the background, unwanted and unprocessed. But most parents don't know how to help their kids understand what to do with these emotions, because we don't know what to do with them either. 

The impact: your kid's behavior, moodiness in your teens, the wall you feel when your parents come to visit. Besides hormones, life changes, and childishness, behavior and moods can be signs of our emotional landscape. Speakers Doug and Tina Webb, parents of two pre-teens and four young adults, give biblical insight and share personal stories to provide parents constructive tools for navigating the array of emotions in 
family life.

Cultivate A Better Life Summer Parenting Webinars

 with Doug and Tina Webb

These seasonal seminars will feature family-focused topics like: The Heart of Discipline, Healthy Communication, Spiritual Warfare and Generational Curses, Challenges of Contemporary Issues, Establishing a Lineage of Jesus-Lovers

Members of all CABL Mentoring Series join free (includes 1 free guest).
Doug and Tina are parents of six children, ages 29 to 9 years old. They home schooled for 20 years. After serving as associate pastors for several years, they focused their attention on their growing family, writing books, and mentoring young adults, couples, and moms (Tina). Tina is the author of Cultivating the Souls of Parents, Culture Changers: Understand the Roots of Brokenness and Help Heal Your Family and Community, and Justice Reframed: How the Cross Confronts our Pursuit of Justice. Doug is a Life Group Leader at their local church, works in insurance and runs a small business. He is author of the God on Trial Bible Study Series.

Author of Cultivating the Souls of Parents
As a mom of six, Tina plans meetings and seminars with a mother's schedule in mind. 
You can join during your child's naptime and be finished by the time 
your kids are done with school. Calls will be recorded for working moms 
or those who miss due to family illness.

Seasonal seminars will sometimes include her husband, Doug, a Life Group leader and author.
You can reserve a free spot for 
1 guest.
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