Welcome to the “Foundations” Mentoring E-Course. This training series will help you grow spiritually, heal emotionally, and learn how to nurture your child’s formation more successfully. 

A journal and bible is recommended. Feel free to pause during the videos and spent a few moments asking God for assistance. Here is a prayer that Tina encourages you to pray:  “Lord, I bring every part of my self to you this day. (pause) Teach me as I listen to these videos. Help me apply the scripture-based insight to my life. You make all things new. Make today a totally new day for every part of my being, seen and unseen. In Jesus name, Amen. “

Cultivating the Souls of Parents Ebook

Cultivating Our Hunger for God

Bridging Differences: Me and My Child

Walking Thru Hard Seasons

Understanding Spiritual Realities Pt 1

Current Events in America Reveal What?

Bonus Video – “Steps to An Emotionally Vibrant Family Life” from Equipping Moms Mentoring Program *Program content will be soon available through the The Equipping Moms E-course contains 8 sessions from the original course.
To access many of the assessments described in the video, click here.

Cultivating Better Days - What Now?

Once you’ve completed this e-course, I recommend joining a Cultivate A Better Life short-term small group if you are a mom (of any age!) If you are not a mother or caregiver, but want to continue growing in emotional wholeness and spiritual freedom, you can choose: