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Upcoming Release: Spring/Summer 2018, Untitled

I’m steadily trying to finish one of my most difficult projects. This book may be named “Cultivating Fruit that Lasts” but I’m toying with some other titles before I commit.  Parents, caregivers and even child care workers will laugh, cry and even wince as they read about the journey that is arduous, yet breathtaking. As our children grow, we face the challenge of surrender to our own process of maturity. The biblical Fruit of the Spirit in the Book of Galatians beckons us to allow the journey of child rearing to prune and ripen our lives.

Raising children helps us to discover that parenting involves a whole lot of digging, not just through piles of dirty socks, but through layers of insecurities and heart issues that both we and our children have. Heavenly applause awaits the man or woman who decides to become a better parent and a better person by tackling the unseen world of the human heart instead of merely molding outward behavior through rules and “shoulds”. It takes courage and humility to look at our young child’s behavior and realize that they are merely imitating us. We cannot expect them to change if we are not willing to change also.



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