Faith For Searching Souls

As you let the cursor hover over the title tab for this section, you’ll read post titles such as: Weeding the Soul, Lord, I Want More than Crumbs, Respect the Rules of my House, and New Seasons. Shifting Sand.

In this posts, I share my wonderings, my meditations, and sometimes my conclusions and various faith topics. Life in God is constant discovery about how great He really is, and along the way He helps us grapple with the things we don’t yet understand or even like. If you are like me, you don’t like suffering, yet you’ve had to learn how to do it with gratitude. Or perhaps you find faith lessons in nature, as I do when I’m digging out weeds that burrow underground or observing how different seasons make the sun’s rays highlight different parts of a tree.

If you find a particular post topic that you want to dialogue about, please leave a comment. We can have coffee together…through our screens. 🙂

Beauty in the midst of pain. Hardship in the midst of hope.  Newness in familiarity. I encourage anyone who, like me, is experiencing a shift in their lives to imagine your hand reaching and holding the Divine hand.  My personal picture is me grabbing God’s hand with all of the strength that I have! He holds on just as intensely. (From New Seasons, Shifting Sand)

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