CultivateABetterLife Mentoring Programs

I am so grateful for the mentorship and counseling I have received from Tina. When I first met her, I was drawn to the obvious intimacy that she had with God and I wanted to know how to have that more for myself. When I first started meeting with Tina, I had been deeply wounded and was in a palce of bitterness and anger. She has patiently led me to experience Jesus in a way that has brought unbelievable healing, which has led to great freedom and joy. She is someone with whom I’ve been able to be completely vulnerable and she meets me with compassion, wisdom, grace and truth. I know that I can trust her counsel because she is quick to seek Biblical wisdom and to listen to the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit.

Betty A.

“Tina has been a wonderful source of wisdom and encouragement to me as a fellow mom, and especially as a woman who has walked a couple of parenting season ahead of where I am currently. She listens well, directs towards the truth of God’s word, and communicates in a way that leads you to think deeply, yet feel welcomed and validated! Thankful for her!
– Katherine

“Tina is a wise spirit-driven leader who speaks truth into souls. Her
extensive experience in inner healing ministry has blessed me and the small group I belong to. I highly recommend working with Tina (as well
as reading her thoughtful books)!”

Tina is a natural leader and an encourager.  She finds a way to make others comfortable sharing with her by the way she really listens.   Her responses to what others share are encouraging and reflective.  In all of her conversations during online group meetings, she points the group to the Lord, His Word, and His purpose for us.  – Beth

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