Digging Deep Podcast

Digging Deep Podcast features a weekly 30-35 min. episode for a general audience and a 14 min. episode by Tina called The 14 Min. #Momlife Pause Book information: tinawebb.net/books Doug's website: myfatherscrown.com

The Easter that Never Ends: A hero and his bride.

Once upon a time,we listened to fairy tales about princesses and children who needed rescuing. We breathed sighs of relief when the handsome prince, the hero, or the timely resourcefulness of the captives, provided a way of escape. Courage and confidence defeated dragons and cancelled magic curses. The ending of the most memorable tales featured …

Respect the Rules of My House

Years ago it was normal to respect differences of opinion. It was fine for each of my friends to think “our” way was the best and not be offended or feel discriminated against. We respected each other’s “house rules”.