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I hope you laugh more than cringe as I share stories of my life as a mom of six, ranging from 28 to 8 years old. Raising kids involves a lot of energy. The work is more than potty training and being their chauffeur. Under the surface of parenting is a task many of us weren’t prepared for: navigating the realm of the soul. Our souls. Parenting requires a continuous examination of this mysterious part of our creation. We operate from it–motives, mindsets, attitudes, and triggers. God, our Potter, wants to cultivate the soil of our soils and remove anything that would hinder the fruit of the Spirit from coming forth.

He is whispering, “I know it’s hard, but I am with you! I see you are trying, and I am your guide! You made a mistake, and I forgive you! I love you, and I’m cheering you forward!” The beauty of parenting can be a process of brutally naked surrender to God, who affirms our efforts and gives us courage on a journey for which none of us are prepared.

Tragedy propelled an African American homemaker to desperately seek God for answers. “What will it take to free the world from brokenness?” She came to understand that when people learn how the curse of sin weaves through families, neighborhoods, and society, they can begin the process of uprooting it.

Like the author, many of us are just regular people living our lives, daily impacted by personal pain and societal brokenness. We’re provoked by the divine words “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” But how do we bring spiritual, emotional, and relational healing to our family and community? Issues like addiction, fear, and economic hardship can keep entire families in bondage. Tina Webb shares that when we embrace a lifestyle geared toward spiritual, emotional, and relational health, we will have the tools we need to walk alongside people as they learn to break free from the issues that keep them broken.

Tina and her son, Christopher, a high school history teacher with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, discuss a biblical point of view of injustice. As people of faith, they have wrestled with fears, carried righteous anger, and worked to keep an unoffended heart.

“To truly see justice as God does, as believers, we study the Scriptures. Our understanding deepens, and our consciences are pricked as each of us realizes that His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. We then wrestle with God, driven by our personal views and experiences with injustice. At some point, we lay on the ground like Jacob, knowing that our grappling has produced a greater dependence on our Creator.  He cares when any member of this created race of human beings feels the pain of injustice or is the perpetrator of injustice. From this foundation, recognizing that justice is the by-product of God’s care, we can view our actions and inspect our formed opinions. Only then will we know how to discern and address the injustice around us.”

Books by Doug Webb

Many Christians will say that “God is good all the time”. In the same breath, they will say that God is the One who causes many tragedies. Doug Webb takes a look at these allegations to see if they are accurate. He gives alternative reasons for why tragedies and hardships occur. Great Detective Bible Topics presents the first book in the God On Trial Series. Doug Webb paints a clear picture that God’s intentions for man are only for good and not evil. He shows that there is a close connection between the way God has dealt with angelic beings in the past and the way he deals with mankind now. Webb lays the foundation for why God sent Jesus Christ to save mankind.

God: Accused or Excused continues the investigation of why “bad things happen to good people”. While, the first book quickly uncovers that there is more to this world than meets the natural eye, the second book introduces the Fall and the subsequent consequences that were put in place by God that affect whether or not “good or bad” will happen to a person. Webb encourages readers to don the hat of a detective and take a close look at the Book of Genesis. This series promotes a “God’s Eye View” of the world and life events.

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