Respect the Rules of My House

Years ago it was normal to respect differences of opinion. It was fine for each of my friends to think "our" way was the best and not be offended or feel discriminated against. We respected each other's "house rules".

Ages and Stages Pt 2

Who Holds the Trump Card: God or Me? (repost from May 26, 2014) My 15 year old is a talented drummer, and loves to play basketball. It has been a rule that each child must play any instrument as well as two years of piano/basic theory which I can teach them myself. As a result, …

Saying Goodbye to the end of life….

Every cell in my body grieves the ensuing loss of the familiar. My mind races forward. No more fresh off the pan grilled cheese. Or spontaneous lunch outings to our favorite pizza place. No more me being the first person to say, “Good job!”