Abba’s Lament

Several years ago my husband, Doug, did a family Bible study on the Father’s heart. He incorporated an interesting twist:

“What did God experience when Lucifer turned against him?”

The kids and I were stunned…like really, who thinks about the devil’s beginnings? However, this conversation became meat for visual drifting and a sense of a reality of God as Creator with intent and purposes for good.

My plot was simple. I prayed a lot…no need to get heretical. I learned theological opinions of Genesis 6, the Watchers of Enoch 1 and the major Prophets, as well as the pre-Adamic world and scriptures that we never notice.

The simple answer is that God was angry. But what we wondered is if God has emotions for humankind…the Psalms of full of them, then would He not have emotions for any of his created beings, especially since He is a Pursuer and a Rescuer?

I’m revising this book…adding more of what I’ve learned through folks that get into the Nephilim story, Jesus as the answer for iniquity, and the ultimate resolution of evil. It’s been a fantastic story to write!

Stay tuned for release date for the new edition!