Parenting 101 in 2022

Doug and I have talked about family-related topics in our last two podcasts.  Our episode, “Know What’s Going On Or Else!” is a timely challenge that parents who are familiar with the parental-rights issues in Loudoun County, VA will appreciate. We also talk about why every parent needs to be aware of current trends in politics and culture that are coming against our kids’ destinies. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

Then for the 14 Min Momlife Pause, I did a talk called Get Ready Moms of Tweens! that I know many of you will enjoy!  Many of us arrive at the season when our 11 or 12 year old says, “You can’t make me!” 

What do you do when your child becomes a tween and begins to exert their will, disrespect you, care too much about conforming to their peers, having the latest technology, etc?

In “Know What’s Going On Or Else”, my husband gave an analogy for parents to know why they need to stay involved in their children’s schooling. Here is a paraphrase:

Child: Human beings are created from giraffes! 2+3 = 17!
Parent: What?! Why do you think those things?
Child: My teacher taught us. 

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time

Yep, there’s a whole lotta resetting going on and our kids are getting entangled in the residue.

Some are trying to create a world that they believe will be better than the past–a resetting of how we live and what we know to be true.

Like “What it the definition of a child?”
And “Is sexual intimacy a legitimate expression for human beings under 12, even with someone who is consider an adult, or a relative”?
Or “Can human beings evolve further by introducing technology into our DNA?”

Parent, how will you teach your child what is Truth?

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