The Hand of God IS on this Nation

and I don’t mean judgment. I am talking about a re-forming.

When 9/11 happened, I was a home school mom of 4 kids under ten. Like many of you, by 10:08 am the morning of Sept 11, my whole world shifted. I wasn’t safe anymore.

I had grown up in suburbia Ohio and New York State. An Afro-American Heritage Club provided ethnic engagement and education, orchestra life was my favorite space, and a sense of cultural Christianity of the 1970s and 1980s was my world. From classmate to neighbor, everyone believed in God, even if they did not often mention His name. My world seemed safe.

By 10:28 am on 9-11-2001, any remaining sense of security shattered as I watched the first tower collapse. 

Where was God then and where is He now?

American citizens are divided. Some cry “MAGA” and others cry “When the he– were we ever great??!” The Christian foundation of our nation has been taught by Wallbuilders, the Providence Foundation, and America’s ?? for years. The true for me is that despite the seeds of God’s word being in the hearts of many who landed here, the seeds of corruption were also present.

Re-forming – I believe that our Creator’s design and intent for humanity was corrupted in the Garden. Divine initiative presents us with the reality of redemption, which starts with individual salvation and channels through the gifts, purposes, and suffering. Basically Christ’s redemptive power rescues what the enemy stole and brings triumph out of tragedy. We have not yet seen the end of Christ’s redemptive plan for earth. What is this end? Despite various eschatological views, the end brings the restoration of His design and intent for this race of human beings. Since the planet is made up of nations, tribes and tongues, the re-forming is meticulous and steady as God brings His light into the unseen and seen realities of our lives.

So although we are surrounded by dark things: injustice, sexism, child abuse, political corruption, addictions, hopelessness, we need to be encouraged that God’s light has not faded–it is in the hearts of men and women who agree to partner with Him. To hold His hand through the dark streets of pain.  Use their stories as a catalyst for someone’s healing. To contend for God’s original intent for this nation and all people.

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