Special Needs, Faith, and Race - Parenting Adopted Kids

I know you will enjoy my interview with Paul and Bettina Stevens, who have adopted three international children in the last five years. They had no idea the amount of trauma that the children had endured before coming into their home. Their daughter would scream whenever Paul came near her. One of their sons was found to be autistic. During the hardest part of their emotional journey, Bettina was forced to leave her job. The couple told me about the extreme hardship that trauma can bring…especially when you realize that your faith circle isn’t comfortable with “messy”. Racial tensions in the last few years has brought another challenge as white parents to three non-white children. 

They knew there were other parents who were struggling and God gave Bettina an idea. Since they couldn’t find a support group, they would start one! Reclaimed Hope Initiative now serves dozens of families in their locality. Check out their website below.